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California Tax Settlements can help you resolve your tax problems. Our services include:

Unfiled Tax Returns

The IRS takes a severe view of unfiled income tax returns, and sees this as a pattern of behavior that can be construed as criminal. The IRS does not have to negotiate with you, no matter how dire your circumstances, until you are in compliance. To be in compliance, you must have all your back taxes filed and be in the process of paying your current year tax bill. This means you can expect to see no relief from IRS collections actions such as wage levy, and no consideration for tax debt relief of any sort, until your returns are filed and you are paying your current tax bill.

Our attorneys are experts in preparing personal and business tax returns. We will pull your master file directly from the IRS database and verify what has been reported as income. Having your tax returns correctly prepared is the first step to correcting your tax problems. Call us at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation.

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Payment Plan

Facing substantial tax debt can be debilitating, particularly if you are not in a financial position to comply with the Internal Revenue Service's demands to pay your taxes in full. And even if you can afford to pay part of your debt, what about the remainder? With the addition of tax penalties, extra fees, and snowballing interest, even a large dent in your tax debt can be quickly nullified.

If you have back taxes and you cannot afford to pay your entire tax debt, as an individual taxpayer or as a business, California Tax Settlements can negotiate with the IRS and put in place a tax payment plan you can afford.

An IRS payment plan provides IRS tax relief by giving you a way to pay a portion of your back taxes every month. Paying on an agreed schedule can keep the IRS from actively pursuing collection actions like wage garnishment, revenue agent harassment, tax liens, or an IRS levy. Call us at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation.

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Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise (OIC) is when the IRS agrees to settle your debt for less than what you owe. This is one form of IRS tax relief. The IRS offers this leniency program for people who cannot pay their tax debt in full and the IRS has doubts about being able to collect the full amount owed. For further information, call California Tax Settlements at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation.

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Audit Representation

All taxpayers are afforded the right of due process and representation. At California Tax Settlements, we know your rights and we are well aware of how to use your rights to defend you against the IRS and offer you the IRS tax relief you deserve.

During the examination process, you may be speaking with an IRS agent over the phone or in person. They will ask you many questions in an attempt to try to get you to admit something which may be adverse to your interests. They will not explain why they are asking you these questions and they won't tell you what the information is being used for. This is because they are like detectives and they are trying to get you to admit to something which is self-incriminating. Unless you have a proper background in tax or IRS audit procedures, you are ill-equipped to handle this process on your own.

Although you may save on the fees it costs to hire an IRS tax relief professional, you will lose more money in the end because you are not skilled enough to negotiate with the IRS and because you're not aware of your rights, you will neglect to take certain steps which can save you and your family thousands of dollars. Avoid this by having one of our IRS tax relief consultants negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Call California Tax Settlements at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation and experienced audit representation.

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Penalty Abatement

You may already know that a small delinquent tax debt can compound into an unmanageable amount within a short period of time due to penalties and interest. Penalty abatement (or reduction) is one of the key services we provide and also one of the key factors toward helping you to get your tax debt resolved in as short a time period as possible. Call us at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation and learn how we can have your penalties abated or eliminated.

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Innocent Spouse

Couples filing joint returns are held equally responsible for the tax return and the payment of appropriate taxes. In some cases, though, one spouse has underestimated the tax liability and, unknowingly, the other spouse signed the return. In this case, the innocent spouse may not be responsible for paying the additional taxes and penalties.

Innocent spouse relief is known to be one of the more difficult types or relief to obtain from the IRS. Many cases are denied because of mistakes made during the filing and because of lack of professional representation. We have partnered with tax professionals around the country who are experts in innocent spouse relief and can help. You can request a free consultation and find out if you are likely to qualify and learn the cost and process before you have to make any money commitment. Please take us up on offer for a no obligation consultation, we assure you that you will be pleased with our tax professionals. Call us at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation.

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Wage Garnishment Release

If you have received any document from the I.R.S. that uses the word 'levy' or 'garnishment' you should be aware that the agency is only days away from seizing your bank account or paycheck or notifying your customers that they should pay the I.R.S. and not you. At California Tax Settlements we specialize in this area of tax administration and we encourage you to email us or call us at (619) 966-8600 for a free consultation regarding your garnishment problem.

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